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Things You Must Have When Camping

Things You Must Have When Camping By Sherri Burris Clean drinking water Lesh for your pet Flashlight/batteries Bed clothing/sleeping bags Food Toiletries First aid kit Take along plenty of drinking water. You always need to stay hydrated. You will need the water to prepare your food and for cleaning up after yourself. You may also […]

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Make Camping Tents Serve Longer

Make Camping Tents Serve Longer. Sleeping bags are standard on campers. Almost no camper would leave without camping tents. Camping Tents are movable shelters that are small enough to be folded, rolled up and carried by a person. The camping tents are made of a material of similar material, that is packed or attached to […]

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Winter Camping Checklist

I know most people see “winter camping” and they quickly run in the opposite direction. I get it. The cold and unpredictable weather make winter camping sound like something only crazy people do. However, if you just stop to think about it for a second, winter camping has a lot of benefits. Just because it’s […]

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Camping Cookware Comparisons: Which Is Best For Camp Cooking?

What type of camping cookware is best for you? Camp cooking and clean-up can be easy or a hassle, it all starts with great camping equipment. Camping cookware, like any camping equipment, should be versatile and tough. A lot of campers have a set of cookware just for camping because they don’t want to risk […]

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Camping Tips: How to Sleep Warm

Sleep Warm: 10 Simple Camping tips to Sleep Warm in your sleeping bag, during cold nights. Follow these simple tips to Sleep Warm in your sleeping bag. Go to Bed Warm Do a few jumping jacks, push ups – just enough to warm yourself up before you start sweating. If you get in a sleeping […]

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