2018 Head SuperShape i.Titan Skis w/ PRD 12 Bindings

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Buckle up, speed freaks! The 2018 Head Supershape i.Titan skis are a smooth, fast ride so that they can make you need to find their limit. Built for carving, the i.Titan is a prime example of a ski that excels at its intended purpose. On account of its technology, shape, and ease of use, the 2018 Head Supershape i.Titans are an incredible choice for the skier who is looking to absolutely destroy the groomers. Full to the brim with the latest technological advances, the Titan is a masterpiece of modern skiing. Featuring KERS, or Kinetic Energy Recovery System, the Titans may be able to store incoming energy and release it at a later point. This technology is found in Formula 1 vehicles and other cars that use regenerative braking with the intention to charge a battery. The result in the ski world is that the ski stiffens as needed, resulting in a tailor-made ride. Boasting an 80mm waist width, the Titan is a bit wider than your normal carver, but the added girth allows for a more stable, big ski-feel that is very comforting on the hardpack. With a 14.1 meter turn radius at 170cm length, the skis are at home with a medium radius turn, but are capable of being pushed into a more slalom shape, or relaxed into a longer style turn. Regardless of your chosen turn profile, the Titan will be capable of take care of it with ease. Speaking of ease, it’s amazing how easy these can also be to ski. Whether it’s the turn shape, KERS technology, or the tip rocker, the Titan can also be toned down and skied by intermediates and advanced skiers. You’ll point it down the fall line, across the hill, or anywhere else you need it to go, and the responsiveness and forgiveness combine to make the 2018 Head Supershape i.Titan skis the ultimate on-trail carving machine.