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Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking Benefits. Do you want to cut a sedentary life and do something that does not cost a lot and that will keep you in perfect shape, even when you have some spare time? Have you ever thought about starting Nordic Walking? The benefits of Nordic Walking are really many for those who practice using the correct technique.

Unlike other fitness activities that normally take place in indoor gyms, Nordic Walking takes place in close contact with nature. The fact of being in pleasant environments (city parks, countryside roads / hills, sea coasts) amplifies not least the benefits of a movement that, if properly done, involves 90% of the muscles of the body! This is why with the Nordic Walking, besides the lower part of the body (legs and buttocks) you will also move all the upper part (arms, shoulders, pectorals and back trapezium).

Before we analyze one of the major benefits of Nordic Walking one by one, we can disguise a fairly common belief: it is not true that using sticks becomes less fatigue and faster! In contrast, this sport is particularly suitable for all those people who want to get more energy without even increasing their pace. Yes, that’s right: if the movement is done properly it does not need a great speed to burn fat and calories! The truth is that doing Nordic Walking will increase energy expenditure at the same speed and distance traveled over a simple walk without sticks.

Nordic Walking sticks

Nordic Walking sticks – Alpenstock or trekking poles.

Health and wellness: the benefits of Nordic Walking

  • Save the joints. The use of walking sticks helps to relieve part of the body weight on the arms, thus saving the joints. Especially those who have problems with the back, knees and ankles will benefit from this activity. This important aspect makes Nordic Walking particularly suitable for rehabilitation after a period of inactivity due to traumatic injuries and for those suffering from joint disorders.
  • Enhances the cardiovascular system. The use of the sticks helps to improve breathing during the walk because, extending the chest, the lung volume dilates. Moreover, the pump effect due to the opening and closing of the hand at each step has a great benefit on the heart and contributes to oxygenating the blood by spraying tissues.
  • It dissolves the tensions and strengthens the muscles. It is a complete movement capable of bringing a global benefit to the whole body. As you walk in Nordic Walking to relax your neck (cervical) and back tension, relieve the muscles of your arms (especially the triceps), your abdomen, toning your legs and your buttocks. If you have some constancy only after a few months your whole body will thank you and your general form will improve.
  • It slims down. It is scientifically proven that in just 40 minutes of medium intensity Nordic Walking (60/70% of the maximum heart rate) melt more fat than a slow ride of equal duration.
  • It helps to prevent osteoporosis and strengthens the immune system. With osteoporosis (it may manifest itself after 40 years), the bone mass is slowly consumed and the bones become fragile. Like all tissues in our body, bone tissue is in fact made up of a collection of cells that regenerate and die continuously. Doing Nordic Walking stimulates the metabolism of the bones and the ability of the same to assimilate the calcium.
  • It develops coordination, strength, strength and mobility. Four of the major driving stress forms (the fifth is speed) are kept in training by regularly practicing Nordic Walking.

In addition to the physical benefits listed above, Nordic Walking is an effective anti stress: it regulates breathing, relieves accumulated tensions, removes all-day worry by giving body and mind harmony.

Just for all these benefits, more and more physiotherapists recommend Nordic Walking!

Imageon top: Walking on route Bassa Romagna – Lugo, Canale dei Mulini (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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