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New Miura XX Climbing Shoe La Sportiva

New Miura XX climbing shoe La Sportiva

The company is celebrating the 20th anniversary since its introduction presenting the new Miura XX climbing shoe La Sportiva signed by Adam Ondra.

It was 1997 when Miura debut on the market, a product destined to make the history of modern climbing, a bit because of its peculiar features and performances and a bit because to dress her up right away were the strongest climbers of the time.

La Sportiva, a brand that has always been at the foot of climbers since the origins of the discipline with its strictly “Made in Trentino” climbing products, thus captures the occasion of the twenty-year-old renowned shoe for aesthetic review and technical features, strictly developed and Approved by another icon of modern climbing, the fiercest Adam Ondra (Czech Republic) climber who already in 2012 in the Flatangher cave in Norway used a prototype version of Miura XX to close the toughest road that did not accidentally take Named “Change”, still considered one of the toughest in the history of climbing.

Accurate, rigid and structured as ever and more durable over time thanks to the incorporation of the patented P3 System® anti-deformation technology that keeps the classic arcuate shape unchanged over time, Miura XX will be produced in the year of the anniversary celebration (2017) and will therefore be a unique opportunity for collectors and lovers of the classic La Sportiva model.

On the technical side, Miura has always been one of the most precise, rigid, high performance shoes on the market, especially for small supports and heels, perfect for supporting the most demanding climber movements. On the other hand is the story of Miura talking about her: twenty years of honored career at the foot of the best in the world on rock.

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