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Petzl SIROCCO lightest climbing helmet

The Petzl SIROCCO is the lightest climbing helmet and offers extended head coverage and exceptional comfort while multi-pitch climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

PETZL Sirocco Ar Helmet

Petzl SIROCCO Ultra-lightweight construction

The hybrid construction of the SIROCCO allows it to weigh only 170 grams. The main body of the helmet is made of expanded polypropylene foam and provides amazing impact absorption and withstands multiple impacts without damage.

The top of the head is guarded with an Expanded Polystyrene foam crown and Polycarbonate protective cap to provide reinforced protection against falling objects.

The hybrid use of two different foams and an isolated protective covering keeps the volume and weight of the helmet low while overall head coverage is increased.

Expanded protection

As rockfall from above is not the only risk of head injury while climbing, the SIROCCO is built to provide more coverage along the back of the head to better protect against lateral and rear impacts during a fall.

PETZL Sirocco Ar Helmet

Petzl SIROCCO means Maximum comfort

The SIROCCO is built with premium features that deliver maximum comfort and performance. The removable and washable padding inside the helmet helps with sweat and cushions against pressure points.

Numerous ventilation holes are located around the entire helmet to deliver optimal airflow during warm, day-long ascents. The low-profile webbing suspension system is simple to adjust. Easy to store, and is equipped with a magnetic buckle that snaps shut quickly and easily.

Attaching a headlamp to the helmet is made easy with two clips in the front and an elastic strap in the back.

Tested on the most difficult peaks, highest big walls, and in the deepest caves. This helmet delivers the ideal combination of ultra-lightweight protection and comfort.

The Petzl SIROCCO is perfect for any sufferfest in the mountains, no matter if it’s on rock, snow, or ice. At 170 grams, this featherweight can take all the hits.


PETZL Sirocco Ar Helmet Black M/L

Ultra-light design: 170 g. hybrid construction with a shell in EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam and rigid crown injected with EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam. Head-covering design for optimal protection against lateral and rear impact.
Maximum comfort in action:. wide holes, for excellent ventilation. completely adjustable, thanks to the adjustable headband and chinstrap.
magnetic buckle facilitates fastening the chinstrap (Petzl patent). compatible with the VIZION eye shield. two hooks and rear elastic for attaching a headlamp.

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