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Backpacks size and volume by trip length

Backpacks size and volume by trip length Backpacks size and volume. Backpacks comes in different size and volume, every size is suitable for different purpose. Choosing the backpack size depends on the length of the hike and the amount of items you want to carry. The backpack volume is generally measured by the manufacturers considering […]

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What to put in a Day Hike Backpack

Uncertain about What to put in a Day Hike Backpack? If you are not sure about what to put in a day Hike Backpack whatch this video. Showing a packing for a 25 litres backpack. Read the full article for more or for download the full printable checklist. Don’t forget to Check out our selection […]

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How to choose the trekking backpack

The trekking backpack is an outfit designed for hikers, from the day trip to the many days of trekking. Therefore, it must be chosen with extreme care based on actual needs. The first thing to know is what kind of activity you want to play: for short excursions we recommend a backpack with approximate capacity […]

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