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New Sierra Designs Cloud sleeping bag

The New Sierra Designs Cloud sleeping bag is a zipperless sleeping bag similar to the Backcountry Bed but when they were designing this sleeping bag they tried to save significant weight.

Cloud sleeping bag

Depending on the temperature range, it is anywhere from 8 to 11 ounces lighter than the Backcountry Bed and only one ounce heavier than the Nitro collection.

Cloud sleeping bag, creates your bed like structure

In order to hit their weight goals they use 800 fill power dry down and 15 denier shell and liner fabrics. Like the Backcountry Bed the Cloud sleeping bag includes a half pad sleeve, this is essentially the fitted sheet, so you insert your pad into the sleeve which is basically like your mattress and by combining those two things together you create your bed like structure.

The Cloud sleeping bag features a crescent-shaped opening and the reason that’s important is when you’re inside the bag it provides tension along that line preventing the bag from opening up.

Instead it wants to stay wrapped around you sealing out drafts the hood on the cloud is similar to a traditional mummy. You have adjustments on the upper hood and the lower portion of the quilt, so if temperatures get cold you can simply cinch those up and you get the thermal efficiency of a traditional mummy bag.

Cloud sleeping bag

Cloud sleeping bag integrated comforter

The key to the Cloud sleeping bag design is the integrated comforter. This is similar to our Backcountry Bed but where it differs is that only opens to one side and that is to save weight. The comforter has a unique shoulder pocket that was designed to stay wrapped around you to help seal out drafts.

The Cloud sleeping bag offers several venting solutions which is key to keeping you comfortable in your sleeping bag. First of all the comforter itself can simply be pushed out of the way to vent your core. At the bottom of the bag is our hands-free foot vent, this allows you to vent your feet by simply raising your knee and sticking your toes out the bottom of the bag.

The Cloud sleeping bag is available for men in two temperature ranges 35 degree in a 20 and for women in the 20 degree.

Check out the Cloud if you’ve been looking for a more comfortable ultralight sleeping bag. There simply is nothing that provides this level of comfort at this weight

Cloud sleeping bag

Cloud sleeping bag KEY FEATURES

  • Patent pending zipperless design for more comfort
  • Oversized integrated comforter resemble all the comforts of your bed at home
  • Insulated shoulder pocket keeps comforter wrapped around you sealing out drafts
  • Patented self-sealing foot vent allows fast and easy ventilation
  • Sleeping pad sleeve keeps your sleeping pad under you improving comfort & warmth
  • PFC-Free 800FP DriDown® and 15d nylon fabrics

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